I understand. Deep inside you desire companionship. So what do you have to celebrate right now (that most married women envy)?

Lady Liberty may tote a torch, but even she can’t compete with your shine when you embrace your independence. Here are 10 freedoms to enjoy!

1. Free to Party
Whether at home or on the road, pump the music and strike up your own party. Dance and laugh at yourself. After all, if you don’t like being with you, why should you expect someone else to?

2. Free to unravel & travel
Catch a cruise or a red eye. Take a vacation with a few friends. Or do a “staycation” by booking a local hotel. Try new restaurants and check out a boutique that slays on fashion. No questions asked, or dual budgets to conserve.

3. Free to be a complete package
You’ve got gifts, talents, skills, insights and dreams. Delight in not relying on a relationship to validate you or victimize you.

4. Free to view marriage as an importance, not an idol
Gary Thomas states in The Sacred Search, “Marriage doesn’t solve emptiness, it exposes it.” Don’t be so fixated on the idea of marriage that you’ll regret what you could have taken advantage of before marriage.

5. Free to water walk
No one is stopping you but you! Further your education. Take a fitness class. Try an Amazon local deal. Work on that new business at 4 a.m. Do this without the fear of emasculating your significant other.

6. Free to say “I do” to yourself
Marriage requires sacrifices. Socializing with his family. Often cleaning and shopping for two. Leaving the room for girl talk. You can now commit to who matters the most: You You choose, you decide.

7. Free to outlive & forgive
Life is better looking forward vs. backward. No more crying spells or cyber stalking your ex-lover or feeling unlovable. Celebrate the remarkable peace of forgiving yourself and outliving your past.

8. Free to have uninterrupted time for spirituality
Talk to God or journal without putting out fires or fulfilling demands of someone else’s schedule. Have a vertical relationship with God, before a horizontal relationship with a man.

9. Free to vocalize
As you get older, you should be bolder. So ask questions. Refuse to second-guess when something contradicts your beliefs. Speak against a lame relationship that suppresses you versus supports you.

10. Free to reside within your rules
Admit itL You like getting first dibs on the big piece of chicken or the last piece of cake. You love controlling the remote and redecorating your home how you like. Having an “undies only” timeout after working hard is a luxury. Yes, you have responsibilities, but without the feeling of being relationally controlled or accountable is something to be grateful for.

Kimberly “Brownie” Vaughn Kimberly “Brownie” Vaughnis an award-winning CEO/Founder of You Are Singled Out. She is a speaker and author on self-confidence and healthy relationships. Sign up for her free dating guide via: YouAreSingledOut.com and follow @ursingledout: