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Can Changing Your Definition of Success Make You More Successful?

Someone once told me their three ingredients for success were patience, perseverance and luck. I suppose this can be applied to any profession. But my wish is for readers of The Connect Magazine to challenge and redefine their definitions of success. I was raised by an incredibly strong single mother. I remember asking myself as a kid, “Why does my mother have to work two or three jobs just so we can eat?” Despite how difficult it was, she always encouraged my siblings and me to make good decisions and “aim for the stars.” I recall her telling me...

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How to Promote Your Brand on Social Media Without Fear

Written by: Zach Watson The word “entrepreneur” may have French origins, but it also has deep roots in America’s business traditions. It’s fitting then that social media, a technology of American invention, has given entrepreneurs an unprecedented platform to advertise their business and share their ideas. Yet, taking advantage of this opportunity isn’t always straightforward. It’s often easy to speak enthusiastically about an idea in private conversation or over a whiteboard, but when it’s time to promote the endeavor on social, uncertainty creeps in. How can you be sure your network wants to hear about your business? What type...

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Photographer James Cole: The World’s Visual Storyteller

Having a mother that took him places played a key role in James McArthur Coleman’s creative beginnings. The new places and faces he saw when traveling with his family, as a kid, fascinated him; and he found joy in documenting their vacation adventures through the lens of a camera. When he wasn’t traveling with family, Cole nurtured his young love for charcoal drawing and oil painting. He also harbored aspirations of being an architect. Little did he know that these hobbies would ultimately prepare him for his life’s work and color the road he’d walk into his destiny. After...

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Phoenix Forrester: Real Events. Real People. Real Style

With an array of unique details, opulent glamor, and sophisticated style, events designed by Phoenix Forrester truly capture the essence of Hollywood glam. Because of this company’s ability to reflect Hollywood glam in an accurate manner, artists such as Little Richard, Mary Mary, Biz Markie, Debra Cox, and Kirk Franklin are just a few of the well-known clients for whom Phoenix Forrester has produced spectacular events. Considering the meticulous and innovative planner behind the success of each event—Krystal Bonner—it’s no wonder that the company has created wonders for celebrity parties along the way. Nevertheless, Krystal stresses the fact that...

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Horizons, Atlanta: A Non-Profit Success Story

Written by: Dawn Mason Imagine this: A school system that was once labeled as a chronic under-performer in the basic fundamentals of learning now touts reading and math proficiency rates well above the National average. Imagine children who, despite their position within a society that brands them as underprivileged and socially and economically disadvantaged, succeeding in all that they do simply because they are given access to tools that allow them to open their eyes, look in the mirror and see nothing less than greatness.Breaking the cycle of gaps in education based on where one is born and raised...

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Getting Fit… For YOU!

Written by: Rosalyn Ross Twelve years ago I was sitting at my desk in my cubicle at work when I suddenly got the worst headache of my life, and it was particularly troubling since I could count the number of headaches I’d had in my life to that point on one hand. Worse yet, in addition to the pounding inside of my skull, my vision was blurred. I was in trouble. I had long been overwhelmed by a stressful work environment and had endured far too many sleepless nights fretting over a to-do list that, try as hard as...

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Designing Woman

Written by: K.K. Fox The Connect Magazine visits Nashville’s Anderson Design Studio for a one-on-one with Kathy Anderson, Nashville’s own Designing Woman Tucked into the heart of downtown Nashville, Tenn. is the Anderson Design Studio. I arrived at its tall, sleek storefront, pushed the bell, and peered in looking for Kathy Anderson, the talented interior designer and owner. The studio is in an old brick building at the top of Second Avenue and fits well into the busy location. After being greeted by one of Anderson’s vibrant assistants, I found her at the coffee pot in boots and a long, suede...

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Does Sustainability Work?

Written by: Thomas Sheffield Sustainability has been defined as the ability of one to survive today without keeping future generations from having the ability to meet their own needs. There are three different areas of sustainability and they include: people, planet and profit. People deals with treating people fairly and finding solutions where as many people benefit as possible. Planet deals with using the earth’s natural resources in a responsible way. This brings us to the profit piece of sustainability. Can a business, local, state or national government profit and gain a competitive advantage by incorporating the principles of sustainability? The answer is yes. For many years, the business community has believed that sustainability is at best a strategy to save money. Tactics such as energy and water efficiency were at the core of belief in business. The theory was it would likely cost more or cause the company to lose money when green ideas were implemented. The businesses could write off any positive impacts for the community. The only place on the balance sheet was through philanthropic contributions. Sustainability is no longer seen as a cost or a way to lose money. It is a new way to make it. There are now 10 companies globally that generate a billion dollars or more in annual revenue from products or services that have sustainability or social good at their...

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Tips For Avoiding Social Media Disaster

Written by: Viviauna Brown We’ve all seen it: political faux pas, insults that backfire, and intense posts that wreak havoc in mere seconds. In the “good ol’ days,” issues like these might have been quickly forgotten; however, in a society obsessed with social media, using it for everything from interaction with loved ones to expanding businesses, colossal blunders being erased is simply wishful thinking. With the magic of screenshot, mistakes made online are easily accessible and can cause lasting damage for employers and employees. Bearing this information in mind, it’s important for business owners and personnel to understand social media’s impact on their brand and how to avoid catastrophic failures. 1. Say Cheese?.. The days of simply posting a status may be over soon, as more people are adding pictures and videos to their captions as well; however, sharing every experience online isn’t always the best choice.’s CEO, Bob Parsons, learned this the hard way after posting his video online. The disturbing video contained footage of Bob Parsons killing an elephant and afterwards, natives (wearing GoDaddy caps) peeled meat off the animal. To make matters worse, there were also pictures of Parsons posing by the lifeless animal. Parsons was bashed by animal rights groups, and companies even closed their GoDaddy accounts because of his post ( Another instance where posing for the camera proved to be a bad...

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The Purpose of Diversity and Why It Matters

Written by: Ryan Hirsch Do your customers really understand the value proposition of your company? I recently conducted an eye-opening interview with world renowned lasik surgeon, Dr. Ming Wang. He compared purposeful businesses to the human eye. The human eye has a physical element that enables us to see, but seeing without understanding what we are viewing is not always useful. There is an emotional component to sight that helps us interpret what we see and make sense of the images, shapes, and figures in our line of sight. Similarly, businesses may have a physical presence but sometimes lack...

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