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Does Sustainability Work?

Written by: Thomas Sheffield Sustainability has been defined as the ability of one to survive today without keeping future generations from having the ability to meet their own needs. There are three different areas of sustainability and they include: people, planet and profit. People deals with treating people fairly and finding solutions where as many people benefit as possible. Planet deals with using the earth’s natural resources in a responsible way. This brings us to the profit piece of sustainability. Can a business, local, state or national government profit and gain a competitive advantage by incorporating the principles of sustainability? The answer is yes. For many years, the business community has believed that sustainability is at best a strategy to save money. Tactics such as energy and water efficiency were at the core of belief in business. The theory was it would likely cost more or cause the company to lose money when green ideas were implemented. The businesses could write off any positive impacts for the community. The only place on the balance sheet was through philanthropic contributions. Sustainability is no longer seen as a cost or a way to lose money. It is a new way to make it. There are now 10 companies globally that generate a billion dollars or more in annual revenue from products or services that have sustainability or social good at their...

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Tips For Avoiding Social Media Disaster

Written by: Viviauna Brown We’ve all seen it: political faux pas, insults that backfire, and intense posts that wreak havoc in mere seconds. In the “good ol’ days,” issues like these might have been quickly forgotten; however, in a society obsessed with social media, using it for everything from interaction with loved ones to expanding businesses, colossal blunders being erased is simply wishful thinking. With the magic of screenshot, mistakes made online are easily accessible and can cause lasting damage for employers and employees. Bearing this information in mind, it’s important for business owners and personnel to understand social media’s impact on their brand and how to avoid catastrophic failures. 1. Say Cheese?.. The days of simply posting a status may be over soon, as more people are adding pictures and videos to their captions as well; however, sharing every experience online isn’t always the best choice.’s CEO, Bob Parsons, learned this the hard way after posting his video online. The disturbing video contained footage of Bob Parsons killing an elephant and afterwards, natives (wearing GoDaddy caps) peeled meat off the animal. To make matters worse, there were also pictures of Parsons posing by the lifeless animal. Parsons was bashed by animal rights groups, and companies even closed their GoDaddy accounts because of his post ( Another instance where posing for the camera proved to be a bad...

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The Purpose of Diversity and Why It Matters

Written by: Ryan Hirsch Do your customers really understand the value proposition of your company? I recently conducted an eye-opening interview with world renowned lasik surgeon, Dr. Ming Wang. He compared purposeful businesses to the human eye. The human eye has a physical element that enables us to see, but seeing without understanding what we are viewing is not always useful. There is an emotional component to sight that helps us interpret what we see and make sense of the images, shapes, and figures in our line of sight. Similarly, businesses may have a physical presence but sometimes lack...

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Workplace Leadership: Then and Now

Written by: Joe Scarlett Leadership style has evolved over the years, but its most basic principles remain unchanged. In my 50+ years in business-leadership roles, I have been privy to plenty of transformations in society and business practices that impact leaders from all walks of life. I have learned from many different mentors and, in turn, I have passed along some enduring leadership tenets to the next generation of entrepreneurs. One of the most positive shifts I’ve noticed is in the widespread use of transparent communication. Back in my first managerial position, my retail role models were very direct—in...

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Recipe For Success: The Story Behind Nashville’s Trendy Sinema

Written By: Alan Whitt All Q-Juan Taylor wanted was a nice pair of shoes. Who would have thought that desire would ultimately result in a partnership in one of Nashville’s trendiest new restaurants? The restaurant is Sinema, located in the refurbished Melrose Theater building along 8th Avenue in Nashville’s Berry Hill neighborhood. The history is apparent as you step on the property … with the theater’s marquee still standing. Walk through the restaurant’s doors and feel the nostalgia. “The staircase is the original staircase from 1942, so is the glass ceiling, the brick, the restrooms as well,” Taylor says....

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Sustainability, Sustainability. What’s the Point?

Written by: Thomas Sheffield You may have recently heard people throwing the word sustainability around. Although it is important, sustainability is much more than recycling and conservation. It is defined as the way to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is so important, the government and business community have developed departments to deal with the earth’s natural resources and inefficiencies. Our colleges and universities now have sustainability programs to teach students to think differently. Sustainability experts are used now for everything from building construction and home design...

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The Next Big Thing

When I began my tenure as publisher of The Connect Magazine in 2014, my biggest challenge —or so I thought at the time —was to get advertising agencies to pay more attention to the ideas and vision entrusted to my care. I never considered a fundamental question: Why did a magazine of excellence, faith, and reporting inspiring stories need to serve as a sales medium between advertisers and readers; why should advertising be our principal means of support? The Next Big Thing Most people are on the look-out for the next big thing.  We want to be aware of...

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Religion and Voting

Should Religion and Propaganda be considered before Voting? The religion of a leader can never express his thoughts towards society or towards a particular community. The Bible says “righteousness exalteth a nation”  Proverbs 14:34. For a nation to be righteous, the people of such nation must be righteous, and most especially, the leaders. The righteousness of  the citizens and the leaders make the righteousness of the whole nation. In this manner, the leaders of the nation must be carefully selected or in another instance, be carefully voted into power. Leadership has a lot of influence in the well-being of the people, as stated in Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”.  In the present world where leaders emerge through election, voting process must be controlled to produce the best leader who is keen to move the nation forward and with great and unequaled leadership qualities and skills. The process of voting nowadays is a complex one, with a lot of factors being put into consideration. It is now a practice that the majority of our politicians rely on propaganda to get votes from their people. Aspirants try to identify with their base to get their mandates. But looking at this from a wider view, a quality candidate will not bank on propaganda or religious identity to...

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Ashley Black Talks About Her Viral FasciaBlasting Movement

It isn’t everyday that a girl born in Montgomery, Alabama grows up to not only land on the speed-dial lists of celebrities and pro-athletes, but become a best-selling author, multi-millionaire inventor and one of the most buzzed-about women on the internet. If Facebook were an empire, Ashley Black would be cloaked in robes of comment mentions, anatomy assessments and before-and-after images – her throne surrounded by her court of FasciaBlasting loyals. Add a debilitating childhood illness and a brush with death in early adulthood to the already-unlikelihood of her list of achievements, and it is easy to declare the 45...

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Vince Herrera

Vince Herrera paints what matters in the present much like a documentarian. Born in Hialeah, Florida (1985), the Cuban-American artist’s signature is his emotive representation of people, places and things current, a memory, or a sociopolitical construct begging observation. Herrera’s paintings are achieved through the layering of bold outlines and graphic elements, often strategically infused with brilliant colors. “I believe that color is power; it can change the emotion of a piece,” explained the artist about the significance of bold hues within his works. Through his process, these two or three elements are fused to create a harmonious union of structure and spontaneity. Another essential element of the artist’s work is his decision to crop his paintings. This aspect, when viewing his art, urges one to participate in the creative process by extension of imagination. “If something is cut off, your mind tends to try and fill it in, which in turn has you adding your vision to the piece,” the artist explains. And there’s one other thing. The artist’s family. Herrera — the son of a commercial fisherman, who lost his life at sea, and his homemaker mother turned factory worker after her husband’s death — lived his adolescent years in a hopeless Hialeah housing complex known by its nickname “Little Vietnam”. Lessons learned through losses and yearnings inspired the artist’s desire that his family be his greatest...

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