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Painting Positivity, Q&A with Leah Boorse

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”—that’s how the saying goes; however, one would be hard-pressed to find a beholder incapable of seeing beauty in Leah Boorse’s art. Whether your artistic taste lies in the realm of paintings, pencil portraits, or murals, her work captures your attention in great ways. Before the interview even started, it was easy to see that Leah was an extremely kind soul, positivity just radiated from her personality; it was not surprising to find that positivity also exudes from her art. From Positivity Portraits that help others, to art that helps with personal self-esteem and depression, Leah has mastered the art of painting positivity. Tell me about yourself… I’m a visual artist, I do work for both public/private collections here in Tennessee, Texas, and Hawaii as well. I do something called Positivity Portraits where people give me words describing who they are/want to be, (i.e. “beautiful,” “strong,” “courageous”) I’ll do portraits of them, and put the words across their face or in their hair. How has your mother supported your career? She’s always supported me when I felt like giving up. She is a beautiful, kind person who is amazingly talented! She’s always been the one who has taught me; she calls me frequently with new techniques. You have categories of art in your online gallery, which is your favorite to do? Pencil...

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Single? 10 Freedoms to Enjoy Right Now!

I understand. Deep inside you desire companionship. So what do you have to celebrate right now (that most married women envy)? Lady Liberty may tote a torch, but even she can’t compete with your shine when you embrace your independence. Here are 10 freedoms to enjoy! 1. Free to Party Whether at home or on the road, pump the music and strike up your own party. Dance and laugh at yourself. After all, if you don’t like being with you, why should you expect someone else to? 2. Free to unravel & travel Catch a cruise or a red...

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Entrepreneurship is a Mindset, not a Store Front

Yolanda Conley Shields, a Nashville native has over 20 years of experience as a business leader and also does international workforce development and social entrepreneurship work in the continent of Africa and other 3rd World Countries. Entrepreneurship is a Mindset, not a Store Front will show you how to create a mindset that shapes your understanding of how to stay focused and what it takes to keep you moving and being innovative to create great ideas. Yolanda also explains how to seize new opportunities and facilitate change that makes breakthroughs, and builds transformational long-term sustainable...

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Moms, Prepare Your Daughters For Success By Being a Friend

Vicki Yates, News Anchor for CBS station affiliate News Channel 5 in Nashville, Tenn. is an ambitious and well-respected career woman. But, of all of her accomplishments, the honor and privilege of being a mom is the one she most cherishes. On this afternoon, we were honored to share a visit with Yates and her daughter, Torri Yates-Orr: an up-and-coming multimedia host and actress. “My mom is the strongest and best woman I know. She’s an incredible journalist, …incredible at her job, but she is tenfold as a mother in raising my brothers and me,” says Orr, leaving her mother flattered to...

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AJ Medina

The glass ceiling has never been more apparent than in media production, which makes the success of AJ Media Services LLC even more compelling. The Franklin, Tennessee-based, female-owned professional video production company has opened doors previously closed to women … yet there remains much work to be done. Managing partner Alba Gonzalez-Nylander has been down this road before. She was the first female to work behind the camera in her native Venezuela. “My country would have women in front of the camera but not behind it,” she said. “That was a male job. I was the first one to say no, it has to change. I can do the job and I don’t want to be in front of the camera. I wanted to be behind the camera.” After arriving in the United States in 1984 she learned English at UCLA and completed her education at Columbia College in Los Angeles. Gonzalez-Nylander’s wealth of experience includes stints at FOX Sports, CBS, Sony Studios, Univision, TNN in Nashville and more. She has more than 20 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. “You don’t find too many females in media production,” Gonzalez-Nylander says.” I’ve been in the industry for a long time.” Together with managing partner Jennifer Goldstein Fritz, AJ Media was created in 2010. Gonzalez-Nylander had hired Fritz to do some freelance work and the relationship blossomed into a...

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Payday vs. Garbage Day

Which day is most important?  Pay days usually come twice per month.  For some people, this is a day they celebrate each week.  I am not that lucky.  Garbage day is once per week and – dare I say? – another day we can celebrate. Pay days give you a sense of freedom.  You are free to choose how and when to spend your money.  You can choose to pay bills, give to a cause or save.  You can choose to invest your earnings preparing for another pay day.  The option is there for you to donate your money...

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