Author: Keelah Jackson

Seasons of Self: How to Holistically Empower Yourself as the Year Ends

“You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am; I’ll come running to see you again… Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call, And I’ll be there… You’ve got a friend.” –Carole King Can we make that selfless promise of endless commitment to ourselves as these heartfelt lyrics profess, within this timeless friendship between melody and word? Are we able to honestly say that we are there for ourselves in good times and bad—in all seasons and capacities of our existence? We care for everyone else. We make sure that errands...

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An Ambitious Force to Behold: Behind the Scenes With Rising Actress Ava Justin

After speaking with Ava Justin, no one could rightfully say there aren’t any focused pre-teen professionals in the entertainment industry. This hardworking actress, model, student, athlete and entrepreneur-extraordinaire is a phenom on the rise. With a strong support system of family and friends, Justin claims to conquer whatever crosses her path with prayer, gusto and tenacity. As a child actress, Justin has already tucked an extensive resume under her belt. She recently starred in No Regrets with Brian White and Sharon Leal, appeared on Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards, and is currently filming on large features. During her growing...

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Rockin’ in Life With Mompreneur and International Dance Sensation Takkies

Nkateko “Takkies” Maswanganye elevates her original take on dance and workouts to another level of sassiness and pizzazz by employing her effervescent spirit. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Takkies is a seasoned dancer-come-viral video sensation as the pregnant wonder. The former “So You Think You Can Dance” (South Africa) and “South Africa’s Got Talent” participant adds a vibrant twist of confident sexiness to the routine of heel workouts throughout the world. Rocking ‘N Heels is her creative baby and what a magnificent, dancing baby it is. Her special dance classes encourage women to celebrate themselves while loving the skin...

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Spring Into Self-Love: 5 Refreshing Approaches to Being Good to Yourself

Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  The hearts and cupids are packed away until next year, but the real unconditional love for yourself shouldn’t be stored up in a plastic container in the closet.  You should have that self-love out and active every single day! Even if you have to re-introduce yourself to who you really are, so that you can fall in love with yourself for the first time, make the time to do exactly that this spring season.   Self-love is the key to personal rejuvenation. The events of your life have formed you into who you...

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Sunset Resolutions: 5 Ways to Move Onward and Upward Toward the New Year

The year has almost walked itself into a new one, and the shoulda-coulda-wouldas grow louder every day. Hindsight is 20/20, but reflection time for future success is worthy of your thoughts. Bottomline? Introspection is valuable. It is time to ask yourself: How could this year have gone better for me? How can I improve moving forward? I know you have your excuses. They are easy to produce as to why you haven’t been able to accomplish what you hoped you would this year (or ever). So let’s try to work through them. Familiar goal epitaphs may include (but are...

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Walking Into Your Destiny Gracefully

Suppose the day has come – finally – when you know your career dreams are manifesting into reality. There are no more doubts that you have “done the work,”  and now it is time to accept your evolved and professionally-actualized self. Psychologists have long attested that the process of self-actualization occurs when all components of development and existence collide to form the perfect opportunity for one to become who he or she was innately meant to be – mentally, physically and emotionally. It is well understood that the process of accepting a surreal professional actualization may be overwhelming; it...

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Switch It Up: 5 Ways to Revamp Your Professional Routine

Written by: Keelah Jackson Spring has sprung! The newness of this season signifies rebirth and renewal, and it carries with it an electrifying energy needed to jumpstart your mindset about your business or area of expertise. In being your professional best, you may want to switch things up a bit in order to stay alert and rejuvenated. Below are five ways to infuse the freshness of spring into your professional routine. 1 – Polish Your Soft Skills Evaluate your listening abilities and abilities to adapt to the office culture. How are your interviewing skills — on both sides of...

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Working and Living ‘The Remote Life’

Well, Millenials have spoken, and it looks as though just like Lenny Kravitz wanted to “get away” all those years ago, so do they. The new “in” is actually to be out- out of the country, that is. Working outside of the traditional office space is the trend for some creative minds looking to broaden their horizons. The coined phrase is “working remotely.” The freedom and accessibility of being able to live and work from anywhere in the world while being employed by a specific field or trade is not just reserved for entertainers any longer. Earning a living...

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