Author: Lacey Johnson

Some Days You’ll Want to Quit, But Here’s Why You Must Continue

I recently attended a friend’s bachelorette party in the mountains. The weeks prior were spent in a state of excitement about celebrating my friend’s upcoming nuptials to a man who has already proven to play a lead role in the best chapters within the story of her life. However, I did not anticipate that the 225-mile journey from my home to the cabin would be so (ahem) eventful – to put it delicately. After venturing through multiple delays – with culprits ranging from the reconstruction of a bridge to the typical tourist-induced congestion, I began my pilgrimage through the mountains. The roads were narrow and winding – mostly steep and offering the occasional unexpected...

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The Power of Being a “People Person”: Interview With Cracker Barrel’s Senior VP Beverly Carmichael

Beverly Carmichael is responsible for leading more than 72,000 employees every time her shadow darkens the door of her office located on the lush 98-acre campus headquarters of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. in Lebanon, Tenn. As Chief People Officer and Senior Vice President of the organization since 2014, her story is comprised of 20 successful years serving as a leader in human resources and employee relations for various industries. During our hour-long discussion, it became transparently clear that, while Carmichael’s credentials may be extensive and scholastically impressive, she has mastered the art of something quite simple, yet...

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Nashville Hypnotist Has Helped Thousands Reach Their Highest Potential

It was a Thursday afternoon in 2011, just as summer was passing its torch to fall. I entered the cozy quarters of Nashville Hypnosis and shook hands with Steve Roehm, Founder and Master Hypnotist. I had no inkling of the dramatic shift which was soon to burst into bloom and flourish throughout every corner of my life. I learned of Roehm’s work from a friend who claimed that one session with him had eliminated her desire for smoking. I’m often the perpetual skeptic, however such individual had once relied on cigarettes similarly to the way a passionate Starbucks devotee...

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Real Estate Investor Is On a Mission To Revive The American Dream

One decade ago, the life of Bruce McNeilage was already unfolding as a classic tale of the American Dream. He was a devoted father with a thriving career as a financial advisor. But, even greater pursuits called for him. McNeilage answered such call – slowly dipping his toes into the briny deep of real estate. Within a couple of years, he was fully immersed – owning over 50 properties stretching across Nashville, Tenn. and surrounding areas. Never one to rest in his victories, he delved into further realms: the development of multi-family homes. Although his career has become evidence...

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Dex Imaging Continues Rapid Growth, While Rooted in the Spirit of Family: Q&A With Company President Mark Blaze

Dex imaging is a rapidly-growing document imaging dealer based in Tampa, Florida. For the year 2016, the Southeastern-based organization has a projected revenue of $300 million company-wide and $30 million from their four – with possibly a fifth in development – Tennessee locations. The company’s plan is to reach a prosperous revenue of $500 million by the year 2020, by means of a blend of continued organic growth as well as further company acquisitions. However, their value as an organization expands far beyond their superior services and impressive evidence of ambition. The company caters to clients ranging from (but...

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