Dex imaging is a rapidly-growing document imaging dealer based in Tampa, Florida. For the year 2016, the Southeastern-based organization has a projected revenue of $300 million company-wide and $30 million from their four – with possibly a fifth in development – Tennessee locations.

The company’s plan is to reach a prosperous revenue of $500 million by the year 2020, by means of a blend of continued organic growth as well as further company acquisitions. However, their value as an organization expands far beyond their superior services and impressive evidence of ambition.

The company caters to clients ranging from (but not limited to) the music industry to healthcare to manufacturing companies. Although their client range may be vast, their foundation is firmly cemented in a narrow focus: family values, nurtured relationships and community support.

Organizations including the Boys and Girls Club and the Nashville Zoo – among countless others – have benefited from the company’s generosity.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Dex Imaging’s Tennessee President, Mark Blaze. I departed from the interview feeling as though I had been served with a gentle reminder of my personal core values, as well as the importance of adhering to them throughout the fabric of my own career and business endeavors.

In a society where business-minded individuals often subscribe to mentalities in the realm of “every man for himself” and “eat or be eaten,” Blaze was a breath of fresh air. Our conversation served as a delightful indication of the fulfillment which comes from nurturing and supporting not only oneself, but others as well.

Continue reading for an unfolding of why.

Johnson: Your organization has become readily familiar with the process of company acquisitions. Educate me in that regard, and tell me what has transpired within the dynamic of your organization as a result.

Blaze: We have acquired Mid-South Digital, Laser One, Total Print and Rawlins Office Machines – our most recent. Each have brought many changes. Two years ago, we built a 40,000 square-foot building in Nashville to accommodate our growth, however we have already begun to maximize the space. But, it’s very exciting for our employees because our family is consistently growing.

Johnson: Nashville Business Journal listed Dex Imaging as one of the best companies to work for. Give me your stance on why your organization has managed to not only keep your clients happy, but your employees as well?

Blaze: We adhere to three major principles: One – thirty percent of our profits go back to our non-commissioned employees, two – we give 21 cents on every dollar earned back to the local non-profit community and three – we will always remain privately-held.

We believe we can continue to provide the best service and support by being generous to our employees, generous to our community and by avoiding the pressures of the public market.

Johnson: You mentioned that one of the highlights of your 14 years with Dex (thus far) was an occasion when several of your team members volunteered – without obligation or pressure – to work a telethon at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. What other avenues of community service work do you guys have planned for the near future?

Blaze: We are looking at numerous events from a blood drive to food drives. There is another unique project possibly in process, but is too early to discuss in detail.

Johnson: A strong sense of family seems to be consistent throughout your business model. Please provide me with an example of an occurrence where such commitment has greatly impacted individuals within your organization.

Blaze: This comes directly from our CEO, Dan Doyle Jr.:  He wants to build a family spirit at Dex, but appreciates that our team has a far more important family outside of their work.

Specifically, I can think of an instance when a team member lost his home in a storm. His teammates collected money and items to help his family.  Dan also wrote a very large personal check – containing numerous zeroes – as part of the support.

Johnson: What specific aspect(s) of the work environment and company mission do you feel most encourages not only the sense of family and unity, but also the sense of pride that Dex has managed to instill in its employees?

Blaze: I feel the starting point is in our desire to hire team members who share our core beliefs: A genuine desire to serve and to maintain greatness is all that we do.