It was a Thursday afternoon in 2011, just as summer was passing its torch to fall. I entered the cozy quarters of Nashville Hypnosis and shook hands with Steve Roehm, Founder and Master Hypnotist. I had no inkling of the dramatic shift which was soon to burst into bloom and flourish throughout every corner of my life.

I learned of Roehm’s work from a friend who claimed that one session with him had eliminated her desire for smoking. I’m often the perpetual skeptic, however such individual had once relied on cigarettes similarly to the way a passionate Starbucks devotee relies on coffee. A cigarette in hand had somewhat served as an accessory to her wardrobe, in fact. News of her tossing her cigarettes into the trash can – with no desire to glance backward again – was a most perplexing reality.

At the time, I had been experiencing bothersome relationship issues which were plaguing a multitude of other areas within my life and were, therefore, in dire need of being “tossed into the trash can.” My friend was certain the hypnotist could assist me in accomplishing such task. With an apprehensive shrug, I agreed.

On the day of my appointment, I was not at all prepared for such a life-altering surprise – a surprise which would provoke even my most rational family members to scratch their heads in utter disbelief: A relationship which had caused me to feel “trapped” for several years – as though it were my personal Bermuda Triangle – became something I departed from with an uncanny effortlessness.

If my life were a screenplay, my script had been written. Within weeks, the unfolding of such script proved to contain far better stories. Truly, it was nothing short of a miracle.

Nearly five years later, I continue to stand in awe of Roehm’s ability to help individuals who are not aware that help is possible. Thus, the inspiration for the following interview was born.

Over the span of an hour, we discussed the unconscious mind, how negative beliefs and patterns are developed and even plucked an interesting variety of success stories from the vault of his 13-year practice.

Prepare to be fascinated; not solely by Roehm, but perhaps by the untapped potential which exists within your own mind.

Q&A With Renowned Hypnotherapist Steve Roehm

Johnson: How would you define (and present) hypnosis to someone who is unfamiliar with it and, perhaps, apprehensive to it?

Roehm: “Hypnosis is a state of mind in which a subject is open to suggestion. What we think of as our reality is really just a projection of the information stored within our unconscious minds through our frames of experiences. The information becomes stored as a result of repetition and stimulation. All I do is access the unconscious mind, eliminate the ‘need’ for the limiting belief, and then help them access resources which serve the client better. It doesn’t matter if it is a fear of flying, a traumatic experience or a cigarette habit – it can be addressed. It is truly that simple, which is why people are often surprised by how quickly it works.

However, it is important to note that the subject must have a willingness to change before any shift in thinking can happen.”

Johnson: What are some specific examples of individuals you have worked with who have dramatically transformed their lives in regard to business, career and finance?

Roehm: “I’ve seen several clients over the years make life-changing shifts in finances and business; I would include myself on that list.
Most people grow up with a limiting mindset. In fact, I had a humble beginning, and never believed I could have the things I desired in life. I was wrong and, fortunately, met some of the best change-workers in the world to help me through my own self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. Since, my life has become amazing with opportunity everywhere I go. The only difference is that I am able to see the opportunities which actually always existed.

I simply help people get back on track, find their purpose and live their dreams again.”

Johnson: What about in the realm of health?

Roehm: “I had a female client who, on a Thursday, was determined to have a malignant tumor in one of her breasts. She had a two year-old child at home, so she contacted me in a panic. I agreed to meet with her for a session the following Saturday. We spent more than three hours together, and she claimed that [while under hypnosis] she felt a strange warming sensation at the site of the cancer.

The following Monday, she went in for a biopsy. There was no trace of her cancer; only some scarring at the site of where it had been. The surgeon could not believe it.

I’ve had other clients with somewhat similar results as well. Many of their testimonials can be read and viewed on my website.

It’s important to note that I do not consider myself a healer; I just facilitate and guide the client through their own healing. It’s utilizing the power of belief, which we all operate from and which creates our circumstances – good or bad.”

Johnson: Has it been your experience that some individuals are more resistant and stubborn to change? Is it possible for everyone to achieve a remarkable level of personal transformation?

Roehm: “People often get ‘stuck’ in their stories and hold onto them for dear life – even if the story is bad. I believe everyone wants to have something better, but It’s difficult for an individual to see beyond the walls they have created.

Some people don’t know how to change. Some people don’t even know it’s possible to change. That’s where I am happy to come in.”

Johnson: You teach group workshops as well as see clients one-on-one. In general, what is the most rewarding aspect of your career?

Roehm: “I’ve helped thousands of people stop smoking, release weight, get “back on track,” release traumas and even get more focused on sports. The list could go on, but what I love about this is that I know I am helping people have longer, healthier and more productive lives.”

You are a great example. After a short session, your life turned in a different direction!

I love the look on someone’s face when they can’t access traumas in their memory the way they used to and typically have for years – even decades. Also, seeing someone toss their cigarettes in the trashcan with a smile makes me smile too.

I love my work because I want to see more people step into the potential they have. The beauty is that we all have infinite potential – a potential which exists in our own minds. I’m just happy to be the guide.”