Should Religion and Propaganda be considered before Voting?

The religion of a leader can never express his thoughts towards society or towards a particular community. The Bible says “righteousness exalteth a nation”  Proverbs 14:34. For a nation to be righteous, the people of such nation must be righteous, and most especially, the leaders. The righteousness of  the citizens and the leaders make the righteousness of the whole nation. In this manner, the leaders of the nation must be carefully selected or in another instance, be carefully voted into power. Leadership has a lot of influence in the well-being of the people, as stated in Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn”.  In the present world where leaders emerge through election, voting process must be controlled to produce the best leader who is keen to move the nation forward and with great and unequaled leadership qualities and skills.

The process of voting nowadays is a complex one, with a lot of factors being put into consideration. It is now a practice that the majority of our politicians rely on propaganda to get votes from their people. Aspirants try to identify with their base to get their mandates. But looking at this from a wider view, a quality candidate will not bank on propaganda or religious identity to win a referendum. The credibility of an aspirant is put to test on a leveled playing ground, with their manifestoes, philosophies, leadership qualities and skills, and personalities are being put into consideration.

The main aim of a political system is to provide all-round growth in a society which in turn will lead to rise in status of each individual and providing a strong foundation for the nation. Hence, when voting, only an aspirant with such attribute should be considered. Voting with propaganda  consideration will be biased and may produce an incompetent leader, which will consequently lead to an uneven growth in the nation. It may also lead to a rise in communal tension between different ethnic origins which can be a threat to the nation’s peace. Another negative effect of such practices is that, it may cause loss to humanity and people may get discriminated on the basis of religion or ethnicity in the time of need. Moreover, such kind of politics is raised by only the weak political parties / aspirants whose first agenda is to meet their hunger for power and not in the improvement of society.

On the above basis, I want to conclude that propaganda should not be mixed with politics. Intellect youths and adults should understand that those politicians who demand votes in the name of rhetoric are simply fooling them and should discard them. Voting should only be on the basis of their thoughts and ideas towards the development of the nation. Let us unanimously and unbiased vote the right and credible leaders into offices, regardless of religious or ethnic background, to ensure growth and sustainability of our nation.

Eric Jordan

CEO/ Publisher