Written by: Keelah Jackson

Spring has sprung!

The newness of this season signifies rebirth and renewal, and it carries with it an electrifying energy needed to jumpstart your mindset about your business or area of expertise. In being your professional best, you may want to switch things up a bit in order to stay alert and rejuvenated. Below are five ways to infuse the freshness of spring into your professional routine.

1 – Polish Your Soft Skills

Evaluate your listening abilities and abilities to adapt to the office culture. How are your interviewing skills — on both sides of the desk?  It may be time to strengthen your game. Although this seems to be a new concept in the professional development toolbox, the trendy term only repackages an old aptitude.

Soft skills are interpersonal skills that have nothing to do with technology but with how you mentally, socially and emotionally handle yourself within your modes of communications. A soft skill reboot is not just for employees seeking upward mobility. It applies across the board to employees, managers, owners and CEOs alike. It never fails to know how to appropriately relate to and interact with people.

2 – Go Green

Not only does being friendly to the environment help everyone, but it also is a cost-saving option for businesses. There is no need to overhaul your whole system of operations. Just a few small changes make a difference. Offering a recycling receptacle for employees, or choosing to recycle as a personal experiment, are fantastic ways to start. Likewise, most offices are paper-based, thus, even trying paperless forms or processes could motivate a new order of less waste and unwanted clutter.

3 – Liven Up

Try live-streaming or another platform as a means of learning new information about your profession. The new platforms of live-streaming have become the staple of social media and fast-paced advertising. You can begin live-streaming brief sessions of business tips for fellow professionals. Also consider filming a short web series to teach others what you know.
If live-streaming isn’t a fit for you, perhaps you can listen to up-to-date streams, podcasts and webinars for learning and networking. What’s powerful about the internet is it provides the ability to teach what you know and learn what you want to know. Opportunity and credible information are always present. There is no excuse for not reviving your professional growth.

4 – Create Balance

Get professionally centered by including personal balance in your day. This balance could include exercise, prayer, meditation or a mantra of some sort. It was recently reported that highly innovative and ambitious individuals use some form of guided meditations or mantras to center their attentions and focus their brains for success. It is not a guilty pleasure to align your mind, body, spirit and soul in favor of effectively navigating the business world day after day.

5 – Treat Yourself

The small act of getting a massage, adding a new piece (or two!) of clothing or an accessory to your wardrobe, or splurging for a new piece of office furniture or decoration can totally brighten your outlook for the coming season. Routine can sometimes forcefully create a tunnel vision aimed towards daily responsibilities and professional expectations. Yet the different vibe of rewarding yourself restores life and meaning to why you work so hard.

Try inserting some of these new things into your business and personal approaches. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy the benefits they bring.

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