When I began my tenure as publisher of The Connect Magazine in 2014, my biggest challenge —or so I thought at the time —was to get advertising agencies to pay more attention to the ideas and vision entrusted to my care.

I never considered a fundamental question: Why did a magazine of excellence, faith, and reporting inspiring stories need to serve as a sales medium between advertisers and readers; why should advertising be our principal means of support?

The Next Big Thing

Most people are on the look-out for the next big thing.  We want to be aware of things that will bring value to our lives or make them easier.  When I was in college, twenty something years ago, my teacher told us about the next big and it was a game changer.  It was called e-mail.  Now, the next big thing could be a new phone, new car or even a hands free toilet.  Investors look for the next big thing in technology to invest in and make money.  People study and read about the next big thing in order to be on the cutting edge of pop culture.  Companies look for the next big thing in getting their message through to their audience.  Let’s face it, if you don’t keep up with the next big thing, you will be left out of the ability to make money.  When companies are not aware of the next big thing, they die.  Ask Blockbuster Video if this is true.  If you did not know, I am here to tell you, The Connect Magazine is the next big thing.

Sustainability will touch every aspect of your life.  Our employers are constantly looking for ways to get a competitive advantage.  Cities are looking for competitive ways to bring high paying jobs to their communities.  The ways of tax cuts are not enough.  Sustainable communities are ones where there is a high quality of life.  Are the schools up to par?  Is the infrastructure there to support the business, customers and employees?  Is the air and water clean?  Is the crime low and is the judicial system fair?  Is there a cheap source of clean power?  Is the local government easy to work with?  Companies ask these types of questions when they decide where to locate or to expand their businesses.

We must be sure to choose leaders who are aware how sustainability is the next big thing.  A sustainable community is the next big thing because it shows we are forward thinking and progressive.  A sustainable community brings value to stakeholders.    Communities with sustainable thinking not only show care for the environment, but show care for everyone and every living thing.

This next big thing sounds obvious.  However, there are some people afraid of it.  Many leaders in our national, state and local governments are happy keeping things the way they are instead of striving to make things better.  We must demand we go forward and invest in our future.

Eric Jordan